Our People

In an industry where people move around faster than the food, we are genuinely proud of our loyal team. Most of the key managers, along with many of the core staff have been with us for well over 10 years. We are humbled by that loyalty and inspired to carry on with our approach that empowers and rewards the teams as we do. It is just one way in which our approach differs from the norm and we get so much pleasure from the results as we know that happy staff deliver superb service and that's what makes us proud.

We develop from within where we can, taking the difficult decisions when someone is not suited to the industry and nurturing the talent when we spot it. Our unique training starts with a three month testing period and our programme of development is managed in house by our top quality management who will be assessed by the calibre of their team. Their accountability of the team ensures that they manage the staff well and continue to drive standards day by day.

Once a team is embedded with a client they remain there developing the team and working alongside the company to improve the service from within. We find that close working relationship works well and delivers a seam free service with all visitors to the venue.

Of course, there are always occasions that require a pool of staff and we have a great relationship with our staffing agency who place vibrant, service oriented people at peak knowing just what we need. It means our reputation is secure and that we have happy clients whatever the occasion.

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