Our Food

There is no doubt that a successful hospitality experience depends on two things: the food and the service, and we have always pushed the boundaries in both areas.

Our food is designed, prepared and delivered specifically for each client. We enjoy the opportunity to try new things and develop ranges that will excite the visitor as never before at a venue.

At Twickenham we were the first to hand carve hot salt beef in front of the queue of people for succulent half time sandwiches. It may have sounded like madness to attempt such a bespoke delivery at the peak service time, but we knew it would ensure a fresher, better tasting sandwich so we worked around the solution to deliver juicy hot sliced meat without incurring unmanageable queues.

At Saracens Allianz Park, the Sarries Pie has received its very own following with regular visitors coming for the pie as much as the sport these days! We worked with the Saracens board to create a hand held meaty pie that sustains the crowd on even the coldest of match days.

More recently we created an ice cream parlour in the top end Tulip Room at Allianz Park. Not satisfied with the experience that a tub of ice cream would deliver, our teams found a way of servicing hand scooped, award winning, organic ice creams to these premium visitors.

We are constantly researching the latest food fashions and bringing on board top chefs who relate to our quality approach whether it is for a simple pie or a private dining banquet. The chefs are embedded into each venue and work closely with the teams to best deliver for every occasion.

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