Our Designs

As the operators of the venue we work at, we think it is critical that we are involved in creating a workable as well as aspirational space for each hospitality experience. We know that caterers are not normally involved in the designs, but have found our input has ensured a more efficient and more profitable delivery which is why we are surprised just how far this process differentiates us.

The truth is that we are the operators and we understand how to design an ergonomic space which results in easier and more efficient delivery. So why not get involved at the start when costs can be managed so much better? We have our own recommended designers and architects who have delivered great spaces that would outlast any incumbent caterer.

Leaf Catering is proud to be different in this part of our service and we know it means that at each venue we operate, the results will be the best in the market place for the client and that makes us happy.

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