About Us

Over 20 years ago, Leaf Catering was established by Farhad Tabai who had lots of industry experience but wanted to approach things differently. Farhad is a gentleman who has great strategic vision as well as absolute clarity with regard to service ethos in the business. He demands perfection, leading the team with an integrity and honesty that really sets him apart in the hospitality arena.

Small business approach...
large scale delivery

The business has grown slowly, with Farhad valuing quality over quantity and ensuring that at every point he is personally on hand to deal with his clients. This is why he is held in such high esteem by those who have walked a path with him. Despite being a one man owned company, Leaf Catering has consistently delivered top notch service at a host of large and prominent venues that defy the company size.

Leaf Catering is unique

The benefit of having someone like Farhad at the helm is that the standards are pushed to the limit without compromise. Leaf continues to push boundaries and lead the way in many areas of the industry. It is the combination of the best food, superlative service and also project management that differentiates Leaf Catering. They get involved at the concept stage, working with their own designers and project teams to ensure that an initiative will be created to deliver consistently and then they shape the food and service around the specifics to ensure something wonderful is experienced every time a visitor comes to the venue.

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A fresh and direct approach to contract catering.

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